Uggla flyttar in.

Produced by Strix, Pixl Family did the full post production and visual identity for the show.

Moving in with a friend is one thing. Moving in with someone totally random is another thing. The pretence is a classic one, the what if's?

And here is Magnus Uggla, one of Sweden's most prominent singers. The what if's in his case is this: what if he moves into a retirement home, overstays his welcome at a monastery, tries out for the army etcetera. You get the picture. The format is a portrayal of people, comedy and the the what if's in life.


  • Client Strix / TV4
  • Producer Ylva Hultén, Strix
  • Director John Lundberg
  • Production Manager Johan Källstrand
  • Cinematographer Alexander Pååg
  • Editor Göran Messelt Andersson
  • Colorist Carl Skaff/Stopp
  • Art Direction Kevin Olberg
  • Animation Christian Karlsson
  • Logging Tonja Mårtensson

Stills from Uggla flyttar in.

Episode excerpts.

At the retirement home.

At the retirement home.