Taxi is a short form scripted series that takes places in different taxi, following Alice and Magnus, a neurotic couple played by Jennie Silfverhjelm and Andreas T Olsson. The serie is entirely shot in the back seat of different taxis and each new episode is a new taxi heading somewhere.

Pixl Family did all VFX and created the visual identity for the series.


  • Client / Production FLX
  • Director Felix Herngren
  • Project Manager Martina Håkanson / FLX
  • Script Andreas T. Olsson
  • Cinematographer Alex Lindén
  • Editor Björn Eriksson
  • Sound Mix Hajp
  • Art Direction Kevin Olberg
  • Animation Christian Karlsson

Art Direction.

The shows overall tonality has a certain film noir and off-beat aspect. It's funny and well-written, so coming up with a subtle take on animation and art direction led us to experimenting with different facets of neon signs.