There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who secretly hoping they won't

Let's step into the world of Peak Performance, where life is not about putting on the right piece of clothing, rather take advantage of all the beauty we are surrounded by. Adventure is wherever you find it, whether it's ski touring in remote locations or camping out with your friends. It's all about being inspired and living in the moment.

The short film Home, celebrate the simple joy in life.


  • Director Henrik Rostrup
  • Cinematographer Fred Arne Wergeland
  • Producer Mats Olofsson
  • Editor Henrik Rostrup
  • Colorist Nanna Dalunde
  • Sound Design Hajp
  • Client Peak Performance

Selected frames from Home.

Getting local knowledge from legendary ski photographer Mattias Fredriksson and shooting with the unlikely combo of Steadicam and snowshoes. We even lured former ski-pro, Robert Olsson, out from retirement.