På Jakt med Lotta och Leif.

Leif Gustav Willy Persson, otherwise known as Leif GW Persson, is a Swedish criminologist and novelist. He is known for his crime fiction novels and for his regular appearances as an expert commentator on notable crime cases in television and newspapers. Lotta Lundgren is a food writer (and TV personality). Together they form an unlikely duo in this unusual hunting show commissioned by Swedish Television (SVT).

A funny bunch of people, sharing their experience about hunting, food, the ins and outs of tracking in the wild.


  • Creative director John Lundberg
  • Illustrator AK Von Malmborg
  • Project manager Johan Källstrand
  • Animator Kevin Olberg
  • Client SVT

Selected frames from the title sequence.

The collaboration.

Having a great artist like AK Von Malmborg contribute to the shows title sequence was a real blessing. AK is your typical multi-disciplinary artist. You know the composer, the singer, the artist. In short, a great person who can let her style of illustrating totally transform the idea into something quirky and aesthetic. We simply love it.

Here's to more collaborations like that!