Malibu Drinks.

Another marathon project in the books!

Producing and directing eighty-five (or something) films for Malibu Drinks was quite the challenge. Yes, doing anything eighty-five times is hard enough, let alone the fact that it needs to be perfect.

So what we did, simply put, is rebranding Malibu's mixology archive. Out with the old, in with the new, bold and beautiful.

Check out all the films at:


  • Director Henrik Rostrup
  • Producer Mats Olofsson
  • 1st AD Viktor Skogvist
  • Line Producer Mats Olsson
  • Cinematographer Tommy Olsson
  • AC Olle Kirchmeier
  • Set Design Tobias Allanson
  • Editor Henrik Rostrup & Viktor Skogvist
  • Colorist Jonas Hed
  • Art Director Kevin Olberg
  • Sound mix Hajp
  • Music Midnight
  • Location Manager Barcelona Kristian Arija
  • Agency Great Works

We did eighty-five of these intro tags for each drink. Lots of fun.

The most comprehensive guide. Ever!

Our mission is simple: We want everything to look and feel good. From concept, to art direction, to cinematography, to music and so on.

This project provided us with enough fun variables to pull out some of the things we thrive on. Set designer Tobias Allason did an awesome job building a unique bar in an empty factory lot in Stockholm, while the rest of the team travelled to Barcelona in order to shoot narrative plates for each of the films. Just knowing the sheer amount of films we needed to produce made us a little uneasy to begin with, but anythings possible when you have a great team.


The films. Well, not all eighty-five of them.