Full post production of the second season of the highly acclaimed criminal documentary series "Brottskod".

Brottskod tells stories from Swedish contemporary history and aims to contextualize important events.
The show is highly acclaimed from both audience and critics, landing a nomination for Best Documentary in Kristallen, the Swedish television awards.


  • Client STO-CPH / TV3
  • Producer Pål Hollender / STO-CPH
  • Creative director, post production John Lundberg
  • Project manager Mats Olofsson
  • Editor Mattias Håkansson & Micke Månsson
  • Art Director & animator Kevin Olberg
  • Logging Tonja Mårtensson
  • Colorist Nanna Dalunde
  • Sound design Mattias Håkansson

Original posters for the series.

Making a groundbreaking documentary series.

Coming up with a game plan and putting the team together for the pre-production was a truly inspiring process. We all wanted to produce a captivating show with a strong visual language.

The fun part was creating the direction, setting the overall tonality, how each episode should look and feel. We spent a lot of time experimenting before the show went into production.

Typical crime documentaries can be easy to typecast, it's supposed to be scary and mysterious. We all wanted to focus on the narrative and the interviews, so it was essential to for us that we keep it stylistic and subtle.

We worked with a vast library of archival footage, which gave us a lot of room for experimental typography and animations. Each episode has a lot of unique locations and beautiful cinematography, making the editing process a real treat.

Its always fun when we are able to help drive the story in multiple ways.

Excerpt from Brottskod.

The journalists Kristoffer Hansson & Fredrik Johnsson.

In 2005, Frederik Johnson and Kristofer Hansson's began producing a series of radio documentaries, titled P3 Dokumentär, for Swedish public radio. Since then, their work has been hailed as some of the finest journalistic work in Sweden.

The foundation of their success have always been based on their ability to contextualize important historical events, providing clarity and great insight to complex stories. For us, working with material that is so thoroughly researched and vast, is really special.

We came up with a graphical treatment for the show, enabling the stories to be told in a subtle, stylistic form.

The show features an unprecedented look into a vast archives, from police records to personal photos from the subjects of the series.

Graphics reel from Brottskod.