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Frejgatan 18

Come and visit us and lets do some work toghether.

About us.

A creative studio located on Frejgatan 18, Stockholm (Sweden).

Pixl Family is a full-service production house, focusing on delivering engaging visual narratives through the use of any camera or computer. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve always been immensely curious and focused. Fast forward to present day and we still keep our original vision: experiment with any film medium and work with great people from all walks of life.

The collaborative process is very important to us, because filmmaking is all about that. Sure our group of people all specialize in what they love - directing, producing, animating, editing - but visual trickery or choice of camera is not what makes us get out of bed in morning. The story, the process and the people making it all happen is.

You may refer to this as being idealistic, but our approach has lead us to winning numerous awards from Webby's to Mashies and Lovies. We mix our creativity and ideals with a solid business understanding throughout any client relationship. We're straight shooters, because at the end of they day; great work comes from trust and a clear understanding of the story you want to tell.

Working with us is fun, honest, challenging, hard and motivating. Pretty much like going on a big adventure.

Let’s do some work together.

The job board.

Flex your creative muscles with us.

We are always looking for any talent in any area interested in creating great work. Writers, directors, producers, editors, anyone who can fit under our roof. We believe in creating a great space for people to feel comfortable in, to be able to grow and curate your own interests. So go ahead, get in touch with us and tell us who you are and what you want to do.


Established writers, directors or any other creative heads out there? Have work samples and will travel?

Get in touch if you want to say hi, electronically or IRL.

Illustrator and Animator.

We are currently looking for additional craftsmen and women. Have a strong background in typography, animation or illustration. Great!

Send us your resumé or make an appointment with Mats.

All the creative faces.

Mats Olofsson

MD and Producer

Cell +46 (0)70 310 30 00

Mail [email protected]

John Lundberg

Director and Head of TV

Cell +46 (0) 70 482 20 35

Mail [email protected]

Christian Karlsson

Sara-Lo Forssell

Production Manager

Cell +46 (0) 73 830 48 20

Mail [email protected]

Göran Messelt Andersson

Mattias Håkansson

Viktor Skogqvist

Alex Lindén

Tonja Mårtensson

Assistant Editor

Cell +46 (0)70 588 45 79

Mail [email protected]

Spread the love.

Sharing is caring.

We love the internet and all its sharing capabilities. You are free to use images of our work on your website, blog, video or whatever. But do us a favour and use proper credits. If you would like to feature us in a book or magazine, please email us and well supply you with high-res images.

Have fun sharing.